Where to Buy American Silver Eagles

When seeking to purchase American Silver Eagle coins, there are several options such as local shops, directly from the US Mint (proofs only), from collectors, or online. Other options are at meetings or conventions for coin collectors, estate sales, or simply by keeping an eye out for these popular coins.

One collector recounted how he noticed an American Silver Eagle coin in the cash drawer of a snack shop and traded it for a dollar bill – the clerk was happy to be rid of the oversized coin. However, most investors will not simply find their coins, thus will have to seek out the best prices and availability from the various Silver Eagle sources.

Buying Eagles Online and Locally

The US Mint sells proofs for the American Silver Eagle on their website, while the circulated coins, or bullion, are made available to the public through certified dealers who purchase the coins in bulk and then distribute them to smaller dealers or at times, sell directly to collectors and consumers.

When looking at options to buy American Silver Eagles online, Ebay.com is actually a great place to begin. Any year of the Silver Eagle can be found on Ebay.com, often for much less than other online dealers. But you must look at the ratings on the seller, be sure they have a good return policy, and be aware that Buy It Now listings are safer than Auctions. Once you bid on a coin, you may find yourself upping your bid to win that particular coin. Ebay.com and other online sellers will have better selections than local dealers.

Online Silver Eagle Retailers

There are countless online coin dealers who are ready to sell you these Silver Eagle coins. Smaller enterprises may not have the online experience or presence to provide a good price and the question of the coin’s grade can be an issue. You do save on tax, as the majority of online sellers do not charge any sales tax. Shipping charges can vary and some are exuberant, so you’d have to do research and comparisons. Be sure to look at the site to see if they’re part of the BBB or another secure ecommerce organization.

Larger online coin dealers that have years of experience and good reputations are more likely to be trustworthy, but higher in price. And they will often charge you postage. Where a price may be better, you may have to pay tax or shipping, making Ebay.com or other smaller dealers a better bargain. You can ask friends or family members who may be interested in coins or actual collectors, where they prefer to buy online.

Coin shops always have a varied assortment of coins such as the American Silver Eagle. Visit your local shops to see what they have in stock and take notes comparing larger coin dealers to smaller, private shops. Again, reputation is important when looking for a resource to purchase any coins and especially the American Silver Eagle coins or proofs. It’s advantageous to do your research on the types of coins, grades, and then purchasing these coins before you look to find the best outlet.

Years of Silver Eagles