Buying Silver Eagles Locally

If you prefer to purchase American Silver Eagles from a local dealer versus an ecommerce website, the very first step would be to check and see if the local coin shop you are going to do business with follow a code of ethics such as the ones supported by the PNG: Professional Numismatists Guild.

Reputable Local Dealers

When dealers of rare coins and collector’s coins such as the American Silver Eagle are members of the PNG, that indicates they agree to the standards set by the PNG entailing ethics and honesty. Most consumers hope to receive honesty and good ethical treatment form businesses, but it doesn’t always happen.

Coin dealers can apply to become members of the PNG, but must show they have sufficient experience in dealing with coins, be in good shape financially, and be approved by the majority of the present members. This allows only dealers with proven ethics and good business practices to be part of the PNG. If you’re looking for a local coin dealers shop to purchase American Silver Eagle coins, you may want to ask if they are part of the PNG.

If you feel confident you’ve done enough research and read about the American Silver Eagles and know which coins you need for your collection, you can be more risqué with local dealers. You could try hand at other local resources like coin collector shows, internal sales and trades at local coin collector clubs, estate sales, flea markets, or other local garage sale venues.

Local Prices and Selection

The American Silver Eagle is a gorgeous coin with proofs being the premier find for these popular coins. You may want to develop an eye for the grade ratings for these coins, know about mint markings for the proofs, and understand how the condition of the coin affects its value.

When buying locally, you will either find prices much higher as some sellers look to gain a profit, or you may come across private parties getting rid of the excess bulk in their home. Some people have no idea what the American Silver Eagle coins are worth and toss them in the junk pile for $1.00 or under. As long as you are familiar with the coins and their markings, you will be able to spot them quickly and make a deal before anyone realizes what you just bought on a dime.

Finding the American Eagle Silver coins can be a treasure hunt and some collectors prefer to look for these coins as part of the joy of collecting. They take advantage of the many outlets and nooks and crannies they can explore in the hunt for these coins. The surprise comes when you find coins you never thought you’d find!

Other collectors would prefer to go to a reputable local coin dealer and purchase the bullion or proofs, knowing they have what they need without the hassle. Whichever route you take when buying American Silver Eagle coins locally, be sure to do your homework first. If you are from a major city, please view our listings of local Silver Eagle dealers below:

Each directory above lists a handful of local dealers in each city, as well as the sales tax information for each city’s state.

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