New York City Coin Dealers

Below we have listed our favorite places to buy American Silver Eagles locally in New York City:

Jefferies & Company, Inc.

jefferiesOne New York Plaza 13th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Jeffries & Company offers many investment services, and precious metals and collectable coins are one of their divisions.

They offer a changing inventory of coins for collectors and have a specific set of employees to assist customers at their precious metal trading desk. In New York City, any personal belongings sold are subject to several taxes:

A New York Sales Tax rate of 4.5%, add the New York State Sales and Use Tax of 4% and then the addition of the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge being 0.375% making the Sales and Use Tax at 8.875 percent. Collectable coins are considered personal property sales and subject to this tax rate for brokerage firms.

Brigandi Coin Company

brigandi60 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Brigandi Coin Company has made its home on 44th street in New York City for more than 50 years. They are known for only offering the highest quality, best grade gold and silver bullion, rare coins, and even paper currency from many countries and collectable sports memorabilia from years ago.

This Midtown Manhattan icon has provided customers with collectables and is well stocked at all times with the finest inventory. Brigandi Coin Company serves the serious collectors and the new collectors looking for a hobby. They are knowledgeable and when you walk into the store, you’ll find sales associates ready to help you find your treasure. Consumers will pay a combined New York City and New York State sales tax of 8.875 percent.

Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics

stacks123 W. 57th Street
New York, New York 10019

Buyers of collectable coins will be interested in Stack’s-Bowers auctions of rare coins and coin collections.

Consigners have a place to bring their coin collections to be sold at auction and coin collectors can come and find just the coin or coins they need for their personal or dealer inventory. Stack’s-Bowers finds inventory from estate sales, business suppliers, and personal coin collections.

The company sends out scheduled catalogues containing upcoming the auction and bid sales so coin seekers can browse the offerings to see if they contain anything on their wish list. Stack’s-Bowers holds auctions not only in New York City, but also in Baltimore, Maryland, Las Vegas, Nevada, large cities in California, and other larger city areas in many states.

Auctions can provide an opportunity to bid on collectable coins for lower prices than some outlets where you can purchase coins. There is a danger of bidding too high and paying more money for coins than you would have through another resource. Sometimes the thrill of an auction is attractive to serious collectors and dealers. Auction purchases and winning coins bid on at a Stack’s-Bowers auction will be subject to a combined New York City and New York State tax rate of 8.875 percent.

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