Philadelphia Coin Dealers

Below we have listed our favorite places to buy American Silver Eagles locally in Philadelphia:

International Coins Inc.

international1825 Cottman Ave
Philadelphia, PA

When looking to add bullion or coin proofs to your coin collections, the City of Philadelphia is an economical place to purchase precious metal coins, as there is no sales tax charged on your purchase and no limit to the amount you must spend to get this exemption.

At International Coins Inc., you’ll be working with employees of a coin dealer that boasts 48 years of experience in numismatics. With an extensive inventory of fine, collectable coins, and helpful, expert employees, coin collectors will find what they are looking for at International Coins in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

South Street Coin and Jewelry Exchange

south619 South St
Philadelphia, PA

South Street Coin and Jewelry Exchange tout the fact they sell every United States coin you may need for your coin collection. They also promise that if they don’t have particular coin in their inventory, they’ll find it for you.

That’s a winning offer and can save coin collectors a lot of time hunting for the right coin or proof to complete their set. And the City of Philadelphia is an economical place to purchase gold and silver bullion as there is no sales tax charges for these purchases and no minimum purchase amount to get this exemption. That saves consumers a lot on tax. South Street Coin and Jewelry Exchange will welcome you when you walk in and answer all your questions. They’re goal is to find your dream coin or coins and provide the best service in Philadelphia.

Sansom Coin Exchange

samson721 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA

Located in the center of Philadelphia, Sansom Coin Exchange offers a staff with more than 75 years of experience in coins and all numismatics. Sansom’s Coin Exchange sits in the heart of Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia and deals in rare coins offering an abundance of inventory of US Gold and Silver Dollars.

Sansom has been dealing with rare coins and foreign exchanges since 1977 and has been offering people in Philadelphia an impressive inventory since then. When you enter their showroom, helpful and knowledgeable employees will assist you in finding just the right coins you need for your collection.

Friendly service is set in a casual setting where customers can browse, ask questions, explore coin collecting, or learn about new or rare coins they are interested in. Whether you’re an avid coin collector or a new customer looking to start your own coin collection, Sansom Coin Exchange is a great place to start and build a life-long relationship with.

Take advantage of the tax exemption for coin and numismatic purchases in the City of Philadelphia to save money on your purchases. Unlike other city’s who require a minimum purchase amount per sales transaction, there is no limit nor a minimum on sales of coins. Stop in this reputable coin dealer to find that coin you’ve been looking for.

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