Los Angeles Coin Dealers

Below we have listed our favorite places to buy American Silver Eagles locally in Los Angeles:

Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.

ira11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 800
Los Angeles, California 90064-1539

In 2010, Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectables was awarded a Lifetime Achievement for years of continued support and contributions to the Numismatic Community.

Ira and Larry have 50 years experience in coins, coin collecting, and have helped people gather and build their own private collections. A coin dealer with family dedication and supreme customer service, Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles have kept their prices below all other dealers. You’ll find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere when you step into their storefront in Los ANgeles. The City of Los Angeles sales tax is 9.00% as of January 2013, but when you purchase bullion coins over the amount of $1,500 you will receive a tax exemption.

Freeman and Sear

freeman2800 28th St
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Robert Freeman and David Sear have a combined experience in coins and numismatics of seven decades. They’re known for their expertise and Mr. Sear is the author of five valuable handbooks about ancient numismatics.

Mr. Freeman is writing a book on Celtic coins and already has quite a few articles published on the subject. Freeman and Sear attend important trade shows and offer price lists for customers and potential customers. With years of experience and knowledge of collectable coins, Freeman and Sear offers many options for coin collectors.

Customers and potential customers will be welcomed and Freeman and Sear employees will answer all your questions whether you are a seasoned collector or a new coin enthusiast. When you purchase coins and bullion in the city of Los Angeles, your sale is subject to a City tax of 9.00% as of January 2013. If your purchase is $1,500 or above, you will be exempt from sales tax. 

Coinex Inc.

coinex650 S Hill St #328A
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Coinex has a reputation for being financially stable and offers extended hours for trading, reaching customers all over the United States. Coinex makes sure customers receive the best service and assistance in their coin and precious metal purchases and their personnel are experienced and ready to help.

Coinex boasts an extensive inventory of precious metal products including coins, bars, ingots, and sells to private parties, wholesalers, and dealers. Coinex has relationships with dealers from coast to coast in the US and that allows them to obtain customer’s desired coinage or metals within a short period of time.

Coinex is ranked as one of the largest wholesale coin dealers in the US and provides an abundance of precious metal resources. No matter what questions you may have, Coinex employees are happy to answer your inquiries and assist you in making your purchase. As of January 2013, the City of Los Angeles sales tax is 9.00% unless you purchase bullion coins over the amount of $1,500 where you will receive a tax exemption.

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